Accounting Advice

Accounting Advice Free fiscal and accounting advice

The free accounting advice is the first step we use to make ourselves known. It is a way to make the future customer understand the quality of our services. With a first opinion you can evaluate whether our studio is able to resolve your doubts.

How advice is built

Our firm offers constant advice to its clients, but also to those who need it.

For consultancy we use our qualified internal professionals. We are mainly accountants, or labor consultants.

We also use, if necessary, lawyers and notaries. Some work with our firm internally, others “of counsel” or as external consultants. Other professionals who may be involved are technicians specialised in other sectors such as surveyors, architects, engineers, experts, calligraphy, etc..

Methods of providing accounting advice

We provide non-customers with a first free consultation on questions of their specific needs. If further information is required or specific activities are to be implemented, a quote will be made for the services requested.

We often provide our clients with flat-rate services and we constantly advise on the matters relating to the assignment. Only in the case of particular studies or solutions of non-normal situations are they charged fees. Normally we only ask for a fee for specific and complex opinions.

Subjects treated

The most treated subjects are:

Tax: Tax planning, Italian VAT, Direct Taxes, Inheritance Taxes,  Declarations, Direct identification of foreign EU companies, Fiscal representations of non-EU companies, management of permanent establishment of foreign companies, assessments, good notices, CIVIS practices, relations with the Administrative Authority, customs, offices various, etc.

Accountants: Budget, ordinary, simplified, flat-rate accounting. Civil issues, extraordinary operations, etc.

Corporate: from simple companies to joint-stock companies, consortium of enterprises, business networks, etc., establishment, management of companies. liquidation. Trust, foreign companies.

Insolvency: insolvency proceedings such as bankruptcy, extraordinary administrations, judicial liquidations.

Civil law: contracts, properties, agreements

Inheritance: patrimonial arrangements, assignments of executor, testaments, legitimate inheritance, testamentary inheritance.

International law: insertion of foreign companies that want to operate in Italy or relocation of activities abroad.